miracle mineral Supplement

As the name suggests this is truly a miracle mineral supplement, for the wonders that it will do to whatever disease you might be suffering from. This miracle mineral supplement was fist discovered by Jim Humble, who was hidden away in a jungle away from any hospital that could be able to save a life. His miracle solution first saved the life of a man that was suffering from malaria who upon using the solution felt better within 10 hours. Its relevance and miracle nature was later then experimented and has since treated over 6000 cases of malaria in Africa. The miracle does not stop with that, it can cure up to 200 different diseases that affect man today.

What other miracle could you be looking for than this? Its basic constituent is sodium chlorite solution. Its preparation will involve activating it with an acid like fresh lemon juice. Where you will wait for 3 minutes then add some water any amount from about 1/3. You can take it in the morning and evening or as you desire provided you have a break within your next consumption. At first you will feel like it is not working, the toxins and pathogens will gradually start being eliminated from your body. This is how it works; stubborn pathogens and viruses are released from your body when miracle mineral supplement release chlorine oxide gas into the blood stream.

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