Contradictions or Side effects of C60 and precautions

Admittedly, almost everything with medicinal or treatment comes with some side effects. Even when you are given some drugs from the hospital, there’s a manual that highlights some side effects of that particular drug. Similarly, C60 has some side effects that vary between users. But before using it, consider the best form.

Possible minor eye irritation

This side effect was only found when 100% C60 solution was used. In one of the studies, it was found that the rabbits that were administered with this solution made their eyes slightly irritated, making their eyes to turn red after a day of administration. However, the solution had no effect on the skin around the eyes.

C60 is completely non-toxic and showed “negative toxicity” in several studies that were carried out. The best thing about this wonderful discovery is that it can dissolve in vegetable oils, but you have to take a lot of time stirring until it dissolves.

Researches suggest that this pure C60 solution should not be combined with harmful substances such as ammonia because you may end up getting negative effects. That’s to mean, when you combine this molecule with beneficial substance, you’ll end up acquiring positive effects. If you would like to learn more about this powerful product then the website as follows is a good place to begin

Colloidal Carbon-60 suspension is hazardous

When water is mixed with pure C60 without allowing the mixture to DNA & the Health of your Body...diffuse properly, a suspension is formed. This suspension forms some new form of molecules such as Nano-C60. If you can notice, this form of the molecule is different from C60, and it won’t give you the miraculous health benefits that C60 can deliver. Properly dissolved form of Carbon-60 are only retrieved from specific techniques. You should also check out about the fullerenes from Wiki here

On the other hand, Nano-C60 has been found to be toxic since it acts like a potent free radical, which then attacks the cellular membranes. Again, the research highlighted that Nano-C60 doesn’t penetrate deep to the DNA and adding an antioxidant such as C vitamins reverse the damage.

Never try to expose Carbon-60 to Light

C60 should never be exposed to light because it will start to oxidize. The same thing happens when you expose this great carbon molecule to a high temperature- it will oxidize too. This is absolutely true for C60 present in oil solutions or other mediums that degrade immediately they are exposed to heat or light.

Anionic C60 compared with Cationic C60

Several kinds of research found that all Anionic (negatively charged) derivative as well as Cationic (positively charged), that act as free radicals, functions as an antioxidant. But again, it’s good to know that the biggest determinant of the quality C60 molecule is how it was extracted and what substances are combined with it.

Don’t be worried about the side effects since every substance come with its side effects that vary differently between individuals. However, lots of tests carried about Carbon-60 indicate that the safety of this molecule is determined by the form in which you get it. Unlike other forms of C60, hydrated water-soluble C60- it’s doesn’t become toxic when exposed to heat or light.

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