Resveratrol Supplement – Do you Need One?

Resveratrol is one of those supplements that has stood the test of time – the main reason being is it works, & work well. This compound works via exerting an influence over the SIRT 1 gene within the body, which basically is the gene responsible for how quickly the cell will break down.

Dr Sinclair was the individual who is responsible for discovering the secret of this herb, which has been around for a long long time. Resveratrol is derived most of the time from a plant called polygonum cuspidatum, as it has the highest concentration within it.

With many of the the research studies that have been done with Trans Resveratrol it has shown very impressive / encouraging results, with some animals in fact doubling their lifespans, with some even more. It works in a similar capacity to how caloric restriction works as both the SIRT 1 gene & reducing the amount of food one consumes slows down thew overall speed of metabolism of the cell.

The Resveratrol supplement has been shown also to reduce & sometimes reverse many of the chronic health issues we typically experience in these modern times – with a particular focus on eyesight. It is not known exactly how this works, aside from the fact that eyesight seems to improve.

There are two type of resveratrol – being either the cis is the trans type. Both are not equal – the trans is the most bio active type whereas the cis is a much cheaper option & conversely much less bio activity also within the body.. This is one of the major things to look out for when purchasing as this often explains why one product will be considerably cheaper than another. 

Dosage is one of those areas that is always a little confusing in regards to supplements – though with resveratrol it has been found that roughly a good 1000 mg of the TRANS type daily is a good place to begin – anything less than this is really not going to have the efficacy / effect on the body that one is seeking. This will often mean that one will have to consume perhaps 3 – 5 capsules daily of any given product, & this is often best done when spread out equally throughout the day. A good place to learn more about this product also is from Wikipedia as follows

In summery, using a trans resveratrol based supplement is a good place to begin when wanting to boost their health.

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