Resveratrol Supplement – Do you Need One?

Resveratrol is one of those supplements that has stood the test of time – the main reason being is it works, & work well. This compound works via exerting an influence over the SIRT 1 gene within the body, which basically is the gene responsible for how quickly the cell will break down.

Dr Sinclair was the individual who is responsible for discovering the secret of this herb, which has been around for a long long time. Resveratrol is derived most of the time from a plant called polygonum cuspidatum, as it has the highest concentration within it.

With many of the the research studies that have been done with Trans Resveratrol it has shown very impressive / encouraging results, with some animals in fact doubling their lifespans, with some even more. It works in a similar capacity to how caloric restriction works as both the SIRT 1 gene & reducing the amount of food one consumes slows down thew overall speed of metabolism of the cell.

The Resveratrol supplement has been shown also to reduce & sometimes reverse many of the chronic health issues we typically experience in these modern times – with a particular focus on eyesight. It is not known exactly how this works, aside from the fact that eyesight seems to improve.

There are two type of resveratrol – being either the cis is the trans type. Both are not equal – the trans is the most bio active type whereas the cis is a much cheaper option & conversely much less bio activity also within the body.. This is one of the major things to look out for when purchasing as this often explains why one product will be considerably cheaper than another. 

Dosage is one of those areas that is always a little confusing in regards to supplements – though with resveratrol it has been found that roughly a good 1000 mg of the TRANS type daily is a good place to begin – anything less than this is really not going to have the efficacy / effect on the body that one is seeking. This will often mean that one will have to consume perhaps 3 – 5 capsules daily of any given product, & this is often best done when spread out equally throughout the day. A good place to learn more about this product also is from Wikipedia as follows

In summery, using a trans resveratrol based supplement is a good place to begin when wanting to boost their health.

Carbon 60 & How to Use

The discovery of the C60 (Carbon 60) molecule was sensational for the physics and chemistry fields. The molecule whose shape is in form of a soccer ball is made of carbon which is an essential building block of most life molecules. Also known as fullerene, C60 contains cage-shaped, spherical molecules which makes it exceptional compared to other carbons. A British chemist known as Harry Kroto won a Nobel Prize in 1996 for discovering the fresh 60 atom carbon molecule.
Research conducted on C60 established astonishing characteristics. These characteristics include radioactivity resistance, its structure of pentagons and hexagons, and unlimited possibilities in the field of batteries, industrial lubricants and semiconductors. Its unique geometric construction earned C60 the name ‘buckminsterfullerene’. This name was given in honor of American geodesic dome inventor called Buckminster Fuller. These studies unearthed other exclusive properties of C60 such as superconductive capacities, wave-particle tendencies and the possibility that Carbon 60 could be the most powerful antioxidant known. It may also be worth noting that a good place to learn more about this product is from the resource page as below

Discovery of Life Extension
With the modern pursuit of prolonged life in the science filed, Carbon 60 has gained increasing popularity by becoming a dietary supplement. University of Paris researchers studied the C60 molecule in 2012 by testing it on rat subjects. Some rats were given the C60 molecule in medium olive oil while others received nothing. Fathi Moussa, the lead investigator was shocked with the double lifespan witnessed in the rats that consumed the C60 molecule. Professor Moussa stated that their goal was to research chronic toxicity and they were shocked with the C60 anti-aging properties. The professor published a paper which stated that C60 was not only non-toxic but also extended the lifespan of the rat test subjects by two years. One group of rats with no Carbon 60 had an average lifespan of 22 to 26 months while the other group with C60 had an average lifespan of 42 months. There was also one rat that exceeded expectations by having an average lifespan of 66 months. This was the longest lifespan ever recorded in a particular experiment.

C60 a Powerful Antioxidant
C60 has the potential to reduce inflammation in any part of the body at cellular and molecular levels. The mechanism of the C60 molecule is not yet fully understood. However, it has been established that it grabs oxidative stress through negative or positive electrical charges and its free radical molecules. Some studies show that C60 has properties such as:
• Nerve protective action
• Insulin resistance prevention
• Antiviral activity
• Protection against UV damage
• Protection against bacteria
The workings of Carbon 60 are similar in animals as they are in humans. For this reason, many companies advocate it to their clients as a nutritional supplement. Products with C60 use coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil as a medium for the carbon molecule. Supplements for animals also exist and are capable of reducing the pain of arthritis and increasing the energy in older pets.
Studies on the toxicity of Carbon 60 have established it to be safe with the exception of the use of a corn delivery medium. Therefore, consumers should have no concerns with regards to the safety of the supplement. Extensive research is still being carried out to determine additional characteristics of C60.

MMS & Chlorine Dioxide

The mention of miracle mineral supplement is not complete without the mention of Jim’s experience in a jungle in South America with his colleague that led to the discovery of the miracle mineral supplement. They were on a mineral prospecting expedition when a colleague got really ill with the most deadly malaria. They could not access any hospitals soon enough so Jim gave him his own purification drops. This is a weak solution of sodium Bad little invaders are killed with MMS chlorite solution that Jim had been using for years to make questionable water portable. Everyone was amazed how the solution had worked a miracle on the man that was almost dying. This triggered his thirst to want to discover the capability of the solution; this marked the journey of discovering the miracle mineral supplement.

There were many people who needs help and benefited from this product. He later treated over 600,000 people in Africa where he did most of his research as Africa is more prone to malaria than other continents. His developments extended to cover many other chronic diseases like HIV, hepatitis, cancer and heart diseases. Without knowing it, pre-cancerous cells sometimes develop. The immune system is expected to swat-and-defeat this blitz of, carcinogens, insecticides, and PCB’s coming from, water, food and air. Sometimes it can’t keep up. Miracle Mineral Supplement has been proven to amplify immune system responses up to 1000%.

The miracle mineral supplement works by producing chloride oxide gas molecules that are like bullets that protects the immune system. Body’s RBCs will get the chlorine dioxide molecules then it will be circulated throughout the body and result to a continuous cleansing and detoxification. On the other hand, colds and flus are eliminated depending on the invasion of pathogens. Other complicated diseases like HIV may take up to 2 Fungus is Best be Avoided…months to be cleared.

This discovery is purely made on chemistry and will not harm normal human living cells. Miracle mineral supplement is said to treat various diseases like Herpes, HIV, flu viruses, diabetes, arthritis, depression, bronchitis, downs syndrome, dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding and so on. It is proved to treat up to 200 diseases affecting humans. When you are wanting to have a better understanding of how chlorine dioxide miracle solution works – then check out the guys just highlighted. Read a little further also about this molecule at

You can dilute it at the comfort of your kitchen by adding citric or lemon juice, you then wait for 3 minutes and add some water from one third of a cup or more. Note mixing the dosage wrongly or overdose could cause nausea. If you notice symptoms of nausea you can slow down on the intake for your body to adjust as this is an indication that its working at a rate higher rate than your body can take. Other effects include diarrhea after the 2nd and 3rd drop. This should not worry as it is an indication that your immune system is being cleaned, but you can control it by reducing one or two drops depending on how many you are taking. Diarrhea will persist for one to two days. This is a chemistry based supplement that will not harm your health but boost your health tremendously.