Carbon 60 & How to Use

The discovery of the C60 (Carbon 60) molecule was sensational for the physics and chemistry fields. The molecule whose shape is in form of a soccer ball is made of carbon which is an essential building block of most life molecules. Also known as fullerene, C60 contains cage-shaped, spherical molecules which makes it exceptional compared to other carbons. A British chemist known as Harry Kroto won a Nobel Prize in 1996 for discovering the fresh 60 atom carbon molecule.
Research conducted on C60 established astonishing characteristics. These characteristics include radioactivity resistance, its structure of pentagons and hexagons, and unlimited possibilities in the field of batteries, industrial lubricants and semiconductors. Its unique geometric construction earned C60 the name ‘buckminsterfullerene’. This name was given in honor of American geodesic dome inventor called Buckminster Fuller. These studies unearthed other exclusive properties of C60 such as superconductive capacities, wave-particle tendencies and the possibility that Carbon 60 could be the most powerful antioxidant known. It may also be worth noting that a good place to learn more about this product is from the resource page as below

Discovery of Life Extension
With the modern pursuit of prolonged life in the science filed, Carbon 60 has gained increasing popularity by becoming a dietary supplement. University of Paris researchers studied the C60 molecule in 2012 by testing it on rat subjects. Some rats were given the C60 molecule in medium olive oil while others received nothing. Fathi Moussa, the lead investigator was shocked with the double lifespan witnessed in the rats that consumed the C60 molecule. Professor Moussa stated that their goal was to research chronic toxicity and they were shocked with the C60 anti-aging properties. The professor published a paper which stated that C60 was not only non-toxic but also extended the lifespan of the rat test subjects by two years. One group of rats with no Carbon 60 had an average lifespan of 22 to 26 months while the other group with C60 had an average lifespan of 42 months. There was also one rat that exceeded expectations by having an average lifespan of 66 months. This was the longest lifespan ever recorded in a particular experiment.

C60 a Powerful Antioxidant
C60 has the potential to reduce inflammation in any part of the body at cellular and molecular levels. The mechanism of the C60 molecule is not yet fully understood. However, it has been established that it grabs oxidative stress through negative or positive electrical charges and its free radical molecules. Some studies show that C60 has properties such as:
• Nerve protective action
• Insulin resistance prevention
• Antiviral activity
• Protection against UV damage
• Protection against bacteria
The workings of Carbon 60 are similar in animals as they are in humans. For this reason, many companies advocate it to their clients as a nutritional supplement. Products with C60 use coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil as a medium for the carbon molecule. Supplements for animals also exist and are capable of reducing the pain of arthritis and increasing the energy in older pets.
Studies on the toxicity of Carbon 60 have established it to be safe with the exception of the use of a corn delivery medium. Therefore, consumers should have no concerns with regards to the safety of the supplement. Extensive research is still being carried out to determine additional characteristics of C60.

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