C60 Basics

The major component for all aspects of life is carbon. The Carbon 60 (C60) molecule which was discovered recently has the potential of improving every health aspect. Studies conducted on the C60 molecule to determine its toxicity emerged with stunning results. Male Wister rats were used as subjects in the study that tested for the effects of C60 on the rats’ survival. In addition, the chronic toxicity of C60 was tested. The results of the study shocked the researchers because of the positive effect of C60 on rats. Whereas treatment with olive oil can result in an 18% increase in the lifespan of rats, olive oil with C60 increases the lifespan to a remarkable 90%. The leading researcher Professor Fathi Moussa and his team also discovered that C60 was a very powerful antioxidant.

C60 Benefits – A Powerful Antioxidant
In our day to day lives, we are exposed to free radicals which are produced from stressors in the environment. Free radicals may be generated through unhealthy diets that include smoke, tobacco, alcohol, a lot of processed foods, pesticides, electricity, microwaves, pollution and many more. These free radicals are in form of molecules or atoms which contain unpaired electrons that highly react with other cellular structures. They steal electrons from cell membranes, proteins and DNA in a process known as oxidation thereby causing damage. C60 being a powerful antioxidant, reduces the formation of free radicals and acts as a neutralizer. The ability of C60 to both accept and donate electrons is what makes it a powerful antioxidant compared to traditional antioxidants. Learn more about what a fullerene carbon molecule is about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fullerene

Prolongs Life
The Wistar rats tested were a species that usually died of pneumonia or tumors. However, after being tested with C60, the rats did not die of lung disease or tumors but rather died of organ failure due to old age. The evidence available supporting longevity benefit of C60 is overwhelming. In addition another study established that C60 prevents neurodegeneration, a disease associated with old age. Neurodegeneration involves slow loss of cognitive abilities which is caused by toxic proteins that build up around the brain and the mitochondrial function loss that result in the development of neurotoxic molecules. The study established that C60 prevents protein synthesis disturbances thereby preventing neurodegeneration.

The risk of osteoarthritis increases with old age. It is a condition which is painful and characterized by inflamed and stiff joints. The pain is as a result of lack of protective fluids between joints which is used to prevent the joints from rubbing against each other during movement. The body’s immune system develops an inflammatory response to handle the damaged cells in the process which results in oxidative stress and free radical formation. It is the attempt of the body to heal itself that makes the condition substantially worse. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of C60 are responsible for providing relief for the osteoarthritis condition. A study conducted in 2013 shows that C60 suppresses the natural body inflammatory responses.
There are many more benefits associated with health when it comes to C60. The discovery of the C60 molecule has increased possibilities in prolonging life and alleviating many diseases. It is truly a modern miracle.